My world of watercolour.

My Story.

I can remember when I was five years old, drawing a dinosaur in class (my subject of choice at the time) and when my friend saw the drawing, she asked if I could do one for her!  And then another friend asked. And another. And ever since then it’s just continued, although I have moved on from dinosaurs!

Canadian born & raised; I made the move over to England ten years ago to start a family with my husband. It’s been a happy, bumpy, wild and swift decade, with my focus not always on creating & painting but I’ve been putting all my energy into making things happen recently… Now I’m ready to share the journey with you!


“The best view comes after the hardest climb.”

My Family.

My daytime life is a whirl of trying to balance being a mummy & being an artist. These three munchkins are my world, even if they do drive me crazy sometimes! They make my days full of fun, laughter and inspire me to keep creating.

Our oldest daughter is the writer & fashion designer who is often found chopping up her clothes into new designs. The middle daughter is the happy free spirit who wants to be an engineer… so she can build a robot army (for good not bad)! And our baby boy is the goofball who mainly thinks about food. Together we are the Frye’s!


*Right after I took this photo, my husband dropped his ice cream and then his phone! Thankfully the ice cream lady was kind enough to give him another scoop for free!


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